For a long time we didn’t have a website because we weren’t sure exactly how to talk about what we do in a way that felt inclusive to people that don’t know us and honest to our mission. This is our latest attempt.

XXIX1 is a small team that helps people make things they always wanted to make. Some might call it a design studio, creative agency, design firm, etc. but those labels don’t seem to fit.

Working across different media, disciplines, and industries2, we’ve always believed that design, as opposed to merely styling, requires a range of skills, interests, processes, and perspectives3. Our goal is to do work that is unique, from the heart, and applies good graphic design in new ways. Our favorite projects let us think about them from A↓Z, and then go back to A again.

Our self-initiated projects4 attempt to engage with the world beyond design itself but through the designer’s lens. These projects are labors of love but remind us why we’re passionate about what we do.

In 2015, we moved our studio into a mixed-use space in New York’s East Village5 that we named XXXI6. We wanted a space that interacts with the city and again gives artists’ studios prominence in the neighborhood. It’s home to XXIX, as well as shared studio space for a group of friends7 and resident designers, and an exhibition space for designers. We also eat lunch together on Fridays8.

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  1. Twenty Nine; named for milestone career years.

  2. Selected work: AYR, KidTech, Baggu, OKREAL, Storq

  3. We believe the design process encompasses (but is not limited to) research, strategic thinking, branding, art direction, creating smart content from copywriting↓photography, software development (iOS, web, or other), and design for print, screen, spaces, and objects

  4. Studio projects: @telier, Unti-tled, Small Victories, XXXI

  5. 411 E 9th St.,
    ground floor,
    New York
    NY 10009

  6. We decided to name things after milestone years in our professional lives, and roman numerals have a graphic, geometric appeal

  7. Currently: David McGillivray, Thierry Blancpain, and Michael Groth

  8. Check here for details