Internal Project

XXXI (‘Thirty-One’) is ❶ a mixed-use community space for designers (and others) to exhibit, teach, and discuss self-initiated work; ❷ a shared studio space; ❸ a residency for designers; and ❹ an online (and sometimes physical) store.

At the moment we are in between spaces as we ride out the epidemic but still remain active online.

Cover for XXXI showing the former storefront
Former storefront
Animation how the main lines of the storefront shape the grid system of XXXI
Animated explanation of the type system
Top view on XXXI postcards
Top view on printed collateral
Printed collateral
Animated version of a show poster
Photo stream of show openings

We’ve had exhibitions by Playlab Inc., Wade Jeffree, Reto Moser, Grilli Type, Rachael Yeager, among others.

We also had a show of really bad work by everyone that works in the space.

Photos of former residents in front of the XXXI space

XXXI hosts a designer in residency program where we host people who want to work on a self-initiated project for a 1-2 week stay in our front window. Past residents include: Reto Moser, Kiosk Kollektiv, Noel Leu, and Julia Schäfer.

The program is part of @telier, a project that explores modern working methods. If you’d like to participate apply here →

Top view of XXXI printed collateral
Front of former XXXI space in winter