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Create a home on the web for Mozilla Design. It should highlight the design program across the Mozilla and Firefox brands.


We created a site that was recognizably Mozilla but still flexible enough to accommodate their different brand systems. We positioned the site to publicly speak to Mozilla’s commitment to keeping the web free and open, while also being a practical resource for their globally-distributed design teams.

Cover for Mozilla dot design showing a wiggling arrow in a gradient of the brand colors
Result screens of the survey

To understand Mozilla’s relationship with the design community, we surveyed a range of designers and technologists about their perceptions of the organization.

Mobile screens of the Mozilla dot design website
Resources page
Visuals section of the Firefox brand
About section for the Firefox brand
Screens of early explorations in the design process

Early in the process, we explored editorially-driven directions that borrowed from the visual language of ‘default internet’. In the end, though, we settled on a fast and efficient site for centralizing design resources for Mozilla’s distributed design team that would itself be representative of the brand’s design language.