visual identity


Create a new visual identity for the MIT-IBM Waston AI Lab in Cambridge that highlights the partnership between the two organizations.


Inspired by the horizontal and vertical bars of the original IBM (“8-bar”) and MIT logos, the new mark brings the two into alignment. The bars from the mark form the base for the visual system.

Cover for MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab showing the MIT-IBM Waston AI Lab mark
MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab original logo explanation

When the bars of the two logos are normalized to the same line-weight the connection point becomes visible: the horizontal bar of the “T” in the MIT logo.

The color palette is derived from the meeting point of IBM’s blue and MIT’s red. From there we make a spectrum of colors based on the in-between states.

MIT-IBM Brand Colors
The brand in action: presentation slide
The brand in action: presentation poster
MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab Member Booklet
MIT-IBM Image Processor App
MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab image processor modules

To create unique imagery we made a desktop app that processes photos using pixels based on the visual elements.

MIT-IBM Image Processor Shapes
MIT-IBM Web Homepage
MIT-IBM Corner Mark
MIT-IBM Corner Grid

The mark stretches to fill spaces and forms the grid for structuring content for elements like posters, collateral, website, and more.

MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab category illustrations
MIT-IBM Poster
MIT-IBM Business Cards
MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab Conference Wall
MIT-IBM Filter
MIT-IBM Water Bottle
MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab Internapalooza