Web Design

Development by Camp Quiet


Create a site that shows the excellent work the Mailchimp Brand Studio is doing and highlights the brand scale they use to classify the extremely varied work they do. Also...make it Mailchimpy


We created a site that uses an interactive venn diagram as the central navigational concept to guide users through the work while explaining how the work fits into each part of the scale. It also has a chilled out relax mode that lets you sit back and watch the work float by.

Detailed view of the venn diagram's middle

The work the brand studio does covers a huge spectrum from core brand elements like Freddie (the chimp) to things that don't resemble Mailchimp at all like Georgia political campaigns and branded video games. The scale is a way of saying how expressive the work they are produce is. It’s called Core-More-Explore.

The site will also let you sit back and relax. It has an autoscroll mode that lets the work float by while telling you a little bit about each category.

Mailchimp’s illustration work is one of the brand’s defining characteristics. The site has fun custom cursors illustrated by them.

Three custom cursor
Mobile screens of the website
Example of project photography from a Mailchimp Brand Studio project

Our projects always start off with a concepting phase, for this project we decided to do something different from our normal process. We wanted to make the concepts “Mailchimpy”, so we hand drew the presentation and incorporated their work on top of the drawings.