Digital Signage


Create a website and signage for Google’s SP–AN design & technology conference


A conference is a place where big questions are explored so we framed the website as a series of questions and answers that would be entry points to explore the conference’s speakers, topics, and events. We translated the multi-layered shapes to interactive surfaces – including the website and event signage – exploring how they could move, frame, and emphasize this content.

Cover for Google Span showing a stage with the Span shapes on display
Photo of a stage with the Google SPAN conference screens on displays

The layered “vignettes” the Google Design team created are made from a series of shapes that are based on a strict grid and color palette. They are then combined to form an infinite amount of combinations.

Google SPAN shapes
Speaker detail page
Info page

As a digital takeaway for the conference we made a screensaver out of the vignettes.

Photo of stage with Google Span shapes on displays
Photo of stage with woman giving speech and Google Span shapes on displays
Photo of the Google Span live stream on a laptop