Design System
Art Direction


Design a new website for Buoy, an AI-powered assistant.


In working closely with the Buoy team, we learned that a new website was just the start. Their existing brand language didn’t have the vocabulary to design the website they needed so we developed an extensive design system that could be used to configure an endless variety of pages and types of interfaces. We focused the site architecture around the product offering, their editorial section, and information to build confidence around a highly sensitive subject. This design system was translated into a totally configurable, very fast codebase and CMS. We capped it all off by helping the Buoy team commission all new illustration to use throughout the site and other brand touchpoints.

Illustration with geometric shapes forming a gate
Screencapture of the Learn page from Buoy
Screencapture of the About page from Buoy
Abstract illustration of person reading
Screencapture of an article from Buoy
Three mobile screens showing the press page, How Buoy works and an example article page
Illustration of person sitting in a boat looking at a buoy in the distance