BBG Ventures is a female-led venture fund investing in a new generation of founders. Formerly known as Built By Girls, the BBGV team came to us for a new visual identity system and mark their strategic re-positioning and launch of their newest fund.


Out of BBGV’s brand promise – "meaningful investment in a new wave of founders, propelling them forward to create lasting value and transformational change" – came our brand idea: Propelling forward.

The identity expresses itself through a dynamic typographic system that visually propels founders forward, highlights their organizations’ transformational ideas, and acts as a backer, always pushing forward.

Brand type moment
Text on brown background saying "Insert pusher — A word, a person, the brandmark or a line to reinforce the brand idea.
Historic black and white photo of Suffragettes protesting with signs
Woman carrying a tote bag with BBGV logo and the claim "Make money, make change."
Top view on a BBGV full page magazine ad
Three posters in street
Overview of brand guidelines slides
Hand hand holding book
Hand holding business card in front of purple background
Motivational statement
Grid of founder portraits
Open flyer on table