Art Direction
Brand Collateral


Create a modern food brand that stands out as well on the shelf and as it does on-screen.


Ingredients are an important part of the food that Aida creates. We used the recipes of the products to create the patterns used on the packaging. This then carried over into the site and other extensions of the brand.

Cover for aida showing the packagings from top view
Several product packages spread across
Aida patterns

Aida’s products are very ingredient-focused and we made this the focus of the identity. We made patterns that are visual representations of the ingredients of each individual product.

These patterns are then used for the packaging and other elements in the brand.

Aida wordmark

The mark that we created references the shelves of a pantry. Each of the "shelves" is modular so it can adapt to different orientations and applications.

Logo variations
Mobile screens of the Aida homepage
Screen recording of the blog pages
Aida tote bag
Aida postcards