XXIX studio lunch

When we started XXIX in 2013, we set out to create a different kind of design studio. We’ve thrived because we continually ask what a creative practice can be.

We think of our studio as a refuge for creative people. We’ve prioritized building a happy, talented, and diverse team, knowing that good work would follow. We work on projects that bring value to the world, and we look for balance between deep care for the work we do and a genuine curiosity about life outside of design.

XXXI stoop beers


We accept interns for 3-5 month periods three times per year, generally:
• Feb-Apr (Apply in December)
• May-Jul (Apply in March)
• Sep-Nov (Apply in July)

We see internships as a valuable experience for designers and strive to make it a positive learning experience. All internships are paid.

See Open Positions for current internship openings and how to apply.


We care deeply about designing amazing things for a diverse set of users, and to do that well, we need people who think through a wide lens of different experiences. At the current time, we are holding space for individuals who are underrepresented in our industry. If you feel that’s you, please apply!

We appreciate everyone who applies but, even though we try, we aren't able to reply to every applicant.